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Ratatouille & Ai of Dallas

So, today Dad and I visited The Art Institute of Dallas. I have been interested in cooking for quite sometime now and really enjoy visiting Culinary schools! I have visited Le Cordon Bleu and  Culinary School of Fort Worth, so this was number three on the list! I still have not made up my mind on which I will attend, but I do not regret visiting as many as I can! In fact, I plan on visiting more, like El Centro, TCC also has a program, and any other ones I happen across.

Well, although I was not very intrigued by the school I was certainly thrilled to watch the chef make Ratatouille! It was amazing… I should rephrase that, it is amazing watching these chefs just whip together a masterpiece of culinary! Gives me such a thrill! And the excitement that comes over me as I think of how “this could be me someday!” is just the BEST! So, yeah! If you have not noticed… I am going to be a Chef!!!

As we left the kitchen, I mentioned to Dad how we–as in the royal ‘we’ 😉 –need to make that! So, after leaving Ai we went to the market and bought the ingredients. I made it! It was so delicious and really easy! I promise to post the recipe soon, but here is a little snapshot of the Ratatouille along with me and my brother!

It was just sooooooo good!!! And colorful! And beautiful! And just amazing! Defiantly going to be making it again!

Recipe coming soon… I promise! 🙂

Chef G