Memories, Mi Familia

A Letter to My Nana


Dear Nana,

Not a moment passes that I don’t miss you. Not a second of the day that I don’t think of you. Not a minute I don’t love you. Not an hour that I don’t pray for you. And not a day I don’t wish to see you. Just to see your beautiful face. Just to see you smile. Just to hear your voice. To hear you say just once more: I love you.

You were always there. You would call often just to chat. To be ensured that we were doing just fine. I remember multiple times when bad weather would hit our area, you were the first to show concern. You would call to ask if we were alright. You loved us greatly. Each holiday and birthday we looked forward to your card addressed to us. We became your little pen pals; writing as often as possible about happenings in our lives. We never saw you open and read them, but you were sure to tell us how joyful they made you. You always spoke to us with a loving voice and a smile. You were always there for us.

You were there through all the life trials we faced. Therefore there was not a doubt in our mind that we wouldn’t do the same for you. When we got the call early that Saturday morning, there was one thing to do. We went to you. We didn’t think twice about it. We flew to be by your side in life’s most critical point. We stood by your bedside. We prayed for you. We prayed with you. Though your voice was weak, you would pray with us as well. You were very weak, you stilled smiled. You still had the same loving affection for us even then on your deathbed. You told us repeatedly: I love you.

As we retired, you promised you would wait for us to return. We kissed you goodnight. You again told us: I love you. We left for the evening, only to return early the next morning. We stood by your side for the last time. We prayed and continued to pray until you passed. We were there. You told us you loved us, and you do. You promised you would wait for us, and you will.

❤ Your Genevieve


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