A Simple Prayer


Today as I brought a meal to one of my tables, the gentleman asked “Are you going to pray for us?” I respond, “If you would like me too.” He nodded, and I informed them that I was Catholic, which he assured me would be just fine. So, I led them in prayer before they ate their lunch. After I finished, they thanked me for leading the prayer and anytime I checked on them they would again thank me.

It may not seem like much, but really it was quite an expirence for me. Here I am, just out of high school, working out in the world at a restuarant. A restaurant where I have witnessed many things. Where most guest just want to get their food, then check and get out of there. Rarely do I see folks pause a moment and thank the one who gave them the food. Even more rarely, do I see them ask their server to lead the prayer for them.

Though it is hard to describe, this expirence gave me a new spark of faith. I couldn’t hold back my smile and the rest of the day I felt an indescribable joy within me. It is the smallest and simpliest things that touch us the most. It is moments like these that God reveals his presence. It is in these simple moments that I know God IS everywhere. Not just in Churches… but the sparkle in the child’s eye; the elderly woman thanking me for being there; and the joy the table received as I led them in a simple prayer.

“And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” Matthew 28:16 ❤


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